Refund Policy and Refund Sessions.

Case 1: Students leave before the lesson ends Case 2: Technical errors from the student make the lesson unable to be successful Case 3: Student lost connection for more than 2 minutes Case 4: The student was kicked out of class by the teacher
Case 1. Teacher leaves before students and before the class ends (Automatic completion system) Case 2. Technical errors from the teacher make the lesson unable to be conducted successfully Case 3. Technical error from Bitu's system made the lesson unable to be conducted successfully For cases 2 and 3, you need to contact Bitu's customer service team to respond to the problem. After verifying the error from Bitu's side, you will be refunded the lesson.
Unaccepted refund cases: Case 1: The student voluntarily leaves the room before the lesson ends Case 2: Technical error from the student makes the lesson unable to be successful Case 3: Student lost connection for more than 2 minutes Case 4: The student was kicked out of class by the teacher due to inappropriate behaviors
Accepted refund cases: Case 1: Dissatisfied with the attitude and knowledge of teachers Case 2: Customer care does not support the student Case 3: Continuously being kicked out of class, unable to log in to app or website Case 4: The curriculum is not suitable for the current level


Bitu has 2 main payment methods including: - Transfer via Visa/Master Card - Transfer via Paypal
Currently, Bitu has 4 Plans including: - Trial: $6.9/lesson - 1 month: $18/lesson - 3-month: $16/lesson - 6-month: $13/lesson
Step 1: Go to the pricing page Step 2: Choose a plan, register an account, and choose a payment method Step 3: Payment (Apply discount code if available) Note: Transaction Code is only valid for 24 hours from the time of pressing Pay button.
Your account will be credited with the lesson after Bitu confirms a successful payment. You can join the class as soon as the number of sessions appears in your account.
Bitu does not refund tuition fees if a purchase is confirmed under any circumstances.
When the lesson ends, please follow these steps: Step 1: Go to the pricing page Step 2: Choose course and payment method Step 3: Proceed to payment After successful payment, your account will be credited with the lesson. Now you can participate in learning on Bitu.
No. When your account runs out of sessions, please proceed to purchase additional courses to continue participating in spoken practice on Bitu.

About Teacher

- 100% are native teachers. - Have an international teaching certificate. - Have at least 5 years of experience teaching English.
As of January 2024, Bitu currently has more than 1000 local teachers and will continue to recruit daily.
All candidates must go through a rigorous recruitment process before becoming a Bitu teacher, including the following rounds: application review, interview, training, and probation. 100% of Bitu's teachers have international pedagogical certificates such as TEFL, TESOL, etc. and many years of experience teaching English both online and offline to students in different countries.
Bitu's teachers come from English-speaking countries and are native speakers, such as the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa,...

Roadmap And Topics

Bitu has a total of 10 levels, including Beginners, Elementary, Upper-Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Lower-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced, and Mastery.
To complete a level, students need to participate in an average of 36 speaking practice sessions. If participating regularly, students will reach a higher level after 36 sessions at Bitu.
Bitu currently has 10,000+ speaking practice topics in many diverse fields such as #daily life, #office English, #interview English, ...Bitu's team of academic experts continues to design engaging, highly applicable topics every day.
Yes. Bitu also provides topics specifically for customers with specific goals, such as #daily life, #office English, #interview English, etc. The topics will be continuously updated to meet the needs of students.
After successful payment, you will see Bitu's topics on Bitu's website or on Bitu's app.
Yes. Each topic will have an outline, including a set of questions, suggested answers, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and slang related to the topic of discussion. You can view the outline before the speaking lesson to prepare more thoroughly. During the lesson, the outline section is also displayed on the main screen for you to easily follow.

Bitu's communication method

Bitu encourages you to study with teachers as regularly as possible. The ideal study frequency is 3–4 sessions per week. To be most effective, you should preview the topic and outline what you want to participate in to have the best preparation for the speaking practice session.
Bitu believes that the most important key to improving communication skills is to practice listening and speaking face-to-face with foreigners in an open, pressure-free conversation environment. Thereby, students can absorb English in the most proactive, natural, and effective way.
All of Bitu's speaking classes follow the TIF Method (Talk-Interactive-Fun). TIF focuses on: speaking practice (talk), the most important key to improving communication skills; Two-way Interaction (Interactive): promoting the ability to be reflective and proactive in using English to communicate and A fun, pressure-free atmosphere (Fun) helps students comfortably chat and discuss with teachers.

Frequently asked questions

Bitu is an English communication learning platform with more than 5,000,000 users, with 1-on-1 learning with native teachers for 25 minutes.
To join Bitu, follow the steps below: 1. Choose Plan 2. Create your account. 3. Make the payment. 4. Login ID and password on the Bitu app or Bitu website 5. Let's speak English on Bitu.
To register for a Bitu account, you can follow these two steps: Method 1: Register on the Website: Visit Bitu's website and register an account using your Gmail or Facebook account. Method 2: Register on the App: Download the Bitu app on GG Play or App Store. Register an account with Gmail or Facebook. Fill in the necessary information to set up an account.
Preparing to learn with us is simple. You need three things: a stable internet connection, a computer, or a mobile phone.
Watch a sample class here.
Bitu is suitable for all subjects, from children (over 6 years old) to adults, from students to working people, and from basic to advanced levels.
You can join Bitu at any time, no need to make an appointment. When you want to participate, just open the app or website, choose a topic and join the class.
Bitu does not use traditional grammar-oriented books but explores topics that are highly applicable in life and hot topics that follow the flow of events. Practicing speaking on topics with suggested question/answer sets will help increase communication reflexes, form ways of thinking and thinking in English, and arouse interest in this language. Bitu provides vocabulary and expressions according to communication style standards and is frequently used by native speakers in life.
- Learn with native teachers. - Be guided on how to express and communicate more accurately and effectively. - Corrected errors in word usage, pronunciation, and expression. - Vocabulary and structure about the participating topic are provided. - Freedom to express opinions and views on the topic.
Yes. Bitu's programs are designed to suit all levels, from basic to advanced. Students will participate in speaking practice using topics and methods appropriate to their current level. For students at the beginner level, Bitu has sets of basic and highly applicable speaking practice topics, helping you build a foundation from the ground up to gradually improve your communication skills. Besides, teachers will adjust your speaking speed, expression, and vocabulary to suit your learning ability.
Bitu's learning format is 1 native teacher with 1 student in a 25-minute class.
After researching the Pomodoro method: Time management to help work and study more effectively, it has been shown that a fixed time limit of 25 minutes combined with short breaks will help the brain maintain good concentration. best. Combined with the feedback and wishes of students and teachers, study time should be 25 minutes to optimize effective study time.
All of Bitu's lesson sessions are recorded to help you track your own progress and resolve complaints. If you want to receive the recording file, please contact Bitu's customer service team for immediate support.
You can participate in speaking practice as often as you like. When you join a speaking practice room, one session will be deducted from your account. For example, if you buy a package of 36 sessions and practice speaking once a day, you will complete 36 sessions in 36 days.
No. You can study anytime. However, If you want to set a fixed schedule with your favorite teacher, you can choose the time and teacher according to your schedule.
By 2024, Bitu has a total of more than 5,000,000 users from many countries around the world.